Jordan Turns Up The Pressure & Specifies Four Sets Of Docs Trump Must Declassify

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A majority want President Trump to declassify documents pertaining to the Russia investigations, according to a new The Hill -HarrisX poll.

Rep. Jim Jordan, (R-OH) took to Twitter adding to that notion and said that the President should declassify key documents pertaining to what Congress has requested.

America wants to know what is in the documents that are classified related to the FBI and Obama’s DOJ when they were trying to take down the Trump before and after the election.

Rep. Jim Jordan wrote on Twitter Wednesday, “Americans want to know. The President should declassify key documents Congress has requested first thing in the New Year: -Carter Page FISA application -Bruce Ohr 302s -McCabe memos -Text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.”

This is in response to an article Jordan posted from The Hill, titled: “Poll: Majority want Trump to declassify documents from Russia investigations.”

Fifty-nine percent of registered voters contacted for the survey said they want Trump to declassify the documents, with 14 percent saying they want the information kept secret and 27 percent not sure, according to the article. (Continued Below)

From The Hill:

Several Republican members of Congress have asked the president to declassify documents from the earliest days of the FBI’s investigation which they believe will show that high-ranking officials withheld relevant information from judges in order to obtain warrants to monitor members of Trump’s former campaign. They have also sought to declassify DOJ briefing papers that were presented to congressional leaders which they say might include information about possible abuses by investigators.

Trump in September sought to declassify the Russia documents at the request of some congressional Republicans. The president said it would improve transparency about the probes. But he later delayed the decision, citing concerns from key allies. (Continued Below)

Rep. Jim Jordan’s Official Tweet:

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