William Barr Puts Democrat Senator In His Place After Saying ‘Trump Shutdown’: ‘It Takes Two To Tango’

If you expected a full-day of drama at William Barr’s confirmation hearing, you got it.

Barr, who is seeking to be confirmed as the next Attorney General, has to first face the Senate Judiciary Committee in a hearing that is expected to last two days.

Day #1 was jam-packed with a wide range of questions from both sides of the aisle, to which Barr held his own and gave thorough responses.

One of the most memorable moments came when Barr faced Democrat Senator Leahy.

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While grilling Barr, Leahy brought up the current government shutdown, which is the longest ever in US history. The Senator cited thousands of government workers who are not receiving a paycheck until the shutdown is over. Video Below

Leahy seized the moment to take a jab at the President when he referred to it as “The Trump Shutdown.” Barr, who took note of Leahy’s comment, fired back when he got his turn to respond.

After recognizing those who are currently out of a paycheck, Barr said, “People would like to see the shutdown ended, and that’s why people want to see some kind of compromise.”

Then Barr pivoted and slammed Leahy’s remarks when he said, “You call it ‘The Trump Shutdown’ but, I mean, it takes two to tango.” Leahy, realizing what Barr said, interrupted and blamed his use of the word ‘Trump Shutdown’ on the President himself. Video Below

William Barr Puts Senator Leahy In His Place (VIDEO)