Kellyanne Reveals A Tidbit Of What To Expect During Pres Trump’s State Of The Union Address

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Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway, spoke with Harris Faulkner on Fox News Monday where she weighed in on President Trump’s upcoming State of the Union address.

The State of the Union is set to air on Tuesday evening at 9 P.M. EST. (Video Below)

As American eagerly awaits the President’s State of the Union on Tuesday night, Kellyanne Conway gave a little inside of what is to be expected.

She said the President will address the border wall, national security, and immigration over all.

“This is an address to the nation, but he’s in the chamber, in front of the Congress that’s failed to do its job for any number of years, if not decades, on getting us an immigration plan in the country, and of course, secures our southern border but also tackles the chain migration, the visa lottery system, TPS, DACA.” Kellyanne explained.

“But most importantly in the State of the Union, the President is calling for an end for sort of resistance and retribution politics and calling for a cooperation and compromise.” She added. (Video Below)

Kellyanne said the President wants to unify the nation as Commander in Chief, as the President, the leader of the nation.

When asked if President Trump will call the barriers a “wall” in his address, Kellyanne said she won’t give it away but said, “I don’t think it matters and here’s why: it’s a silly semantics argument and now lots of people are saying that meaning.”

She continued, “We need a physical barrier. He has told the leadership in the Democratic party call it whatever you want. Call it steel slats, call it a barrier, call it secure fences, call it what you want, call it a wall, call it physical barrier, but it must do the following: it must be a physical barrier that you can’t crawl under, climb over, drive through, or walk around.” (Video Below)

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Kellyanne’s comments about the State of the Union address begin at 3:45:

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