President Trump Brushes Off Adam Schiff’s Investigative Threats: ‘He’s A Political Hack’

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Republicans with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Tuesday submitted a motion to immediately publish dozens of witness transcripts in the Russia Trump investigation that were turned over for declassification review, stating it is “part of the process of publishing them for the American people to see,” per Sara Carter.

Though the transcripts are unclassified, the Committee had sent them to the Intelligence Community for a review as a precautionary measure. (Video Below)

The committee already voted to make the documents public on a similar motion in September, 2018, when it was then led by House Republicans.

The Republican motion was in response to now big, bad Democratic Chairman Adam Schiff’s proposal to turn over all the witness interviews to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office for review. Those witness interviews, however, are already available to Mueller.

The transcripts were given to the Executive Branch for declassification review months ago. Mueller had access to Roger Stone’s transcript. When Mueller decided to press charges against Stone, the only stipulation for the Special Counsel was that they had to ask for another official copy of the transcript from the committee. The committee obliged and sent the second copy of the transcript to the Justice Department, according to Sara Carter.

So why is Schiff making this such a big issue? He’s showboating. (Video Below)

Adam Schiff is being dishonest when he tells media outlets that he wants to turn over the transcripts to Mueller, because he has access already.

There’s a reason for this approach. Schiff is insinuating that the people connected to Trump, who were interviewed by the committee lied. It’s a way of keeping the Russia Trump collusion narrative alive and well. Further, Schiff wants to insinuate that Trump associates who were interviewed by the committee lied– so he can continue to push the Russia Trump collusion narrative that has yet to yield one iota of evidence, Sara Carter noted.

President Trump after a news conference, was asked by the press about Adam Schiff’s latest stunt. (Video Below)

When asked about Adam’s Schiff’s deep investigation threats, President Trump brushed off little Adam.

“He’s just a political hack that’s trying to build a name for himself,” the President responded.


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Meanwhile, more showboating and grandstanding from little Adam:

Schiff wrote, “BREAKING: The House Intelligence Committee just voted to release all witness transcripts from our Russia investigation to the Department of Justice and Special Counsel Mueller.”

He added, “I can understand why the idea of meaningful oversight terrifies the President. Several of his close associates are going to jail, others await trial, and criminal investigations continue. We’re going to do our job and won’t be distracted or intimidated by threats or attacks.”

And, if he didn’t look like a fool already, he talked with the media after President Trump embarrassed him during the State of the Union address:

Drain the swamp!

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