Trey Gowdy Wrecks McCabe’s Accusations Against Trump: ‘Why Did You Tell CBS & Not Congress?’

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Trey Gowdy joined Fox News Sunday, with host Maria Bartiromo during “Sunday Morning Futures”, where he weighed in on House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff, and his claim of having “Russian collusion” on President Trump.

Further, Gowdy blasted former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, for his blatant inconsistencies. (Video Below)

Maria Bartiromo began by pointing out Adam Schiff’s “claim” of having “circumstantial evidence” of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

She asked Gowdy, “How’s it possible that he has not corrected himself at this point since we’ve heard from the Senate, the House, the DOJ and now through Andrew McCabe’s own words — the FBI, that we have yet to see any collusion?”

Gowdy responded and explained Schiff’s approach. “Well, he never goes on shows where he’s going to be pressed on it. What a brilliant strategy Adam has. I’m gonna make this bombastic statement completely unsupported by the facts, but I’m never going to go on any show where I’m asked about it.”

Then, he pointed out that the House intelligence committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Mueller’s indictments have found no evidence of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. (Video Below)

“There’s never been a witness whose alleged conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian. And yet, Adam Schiff, that three-eyed raven, Adam Schiff, who can see things nobody else can see, says he has evidence more than circumstantial– not quite direct, by the way, who didn’t go to law school. There’s no such thing. Gowdy reiterated, “There’s no such thing as evidence that’s not circumstantial or direct. But, Adam has seen it, and he’s never pressed on it.”

Maria asked Gowdy what he makes of Andrew McCabe going around on networks, even though McCabe has criminal charges referred to him by the Inspector General.

Gowdy laid down hammer next. (Video Below)

“Let’s go back to May 9th. Comey is fired, and Andy McCabe wants you to believe the Department of Justice and FBI were just in utter chaos. And they thought the President of the United States might be an agent of Russia. And they thought the President of the United States may be guilty of criminal obstruction of justice. This is May the 9th of 2017.” Gowdy said.

He continued, “Two days later, Andy McCabe is before the Senate Intelligence Committee with the entire world watching. It’s on world wide television! And, he’s got the Senate Intelligence Committee and he doesn’t say one single solitary word about Donald Trump being an agent of Russia or criminally obstructing justice. And if that’s not good enough, if two days wasn’t enough for Andy to process that, in June of 2017, he’s right back before the Senate Intelligence Committee.”

Then, Gowdy asked the pressing question, “If you believed Andy, that Donald Trump was an agent of Russia, why did you tell CBS and not Congress? If you really Andy, believed that Donald Trump crimally obstructed justice, why did you tell CBS, but you didn’t tell the United States Congress a month after you discovered it?”

Andy McCabe had four opportunities to tell the House or the Senate what he told CBS.

McCabe proudly told CBS that he launched his own investigation into whether or not Donald Trump was an agent of Russia, and for good measure, he launched a criminal investigation into obstruction of justice.

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Simply put, Andrew McCabe launched investigations, because President Trump fired former FBI director, James Comey after Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein suggested it. (Video Below)


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