While Questioning Nielson, Dan Crenshaw Dismantles Dem Immigration Stance

CSPAN Video Screen Shots

Rep. Dan Crenshaw got a turn at questioning DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielson during Wednesday’s hearing of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Crenshaw seized the moment to set the record straight as to why border security is highly necessary at this moment in time, unlike what his Democrat counterparts think.

Crenshaw began by saying he is not so sure that “we all value the rule of law, and that we all value our ability to manage our border effectively.”

He argued that although there is “rightful anger” on the issue of family separation at the border, there are many other issues related to our humanity that are never talked about (by Democrats).

As an example, Crenshaw brought up the case of an 18-year old Mexican female who was kidnapped, brought across the border, and taken to New York, where she was raped approximately 30 times a day for 5 years.

He pointed out another case where 16 children came across the border with adults who were not their parents, only to be led to a stash house in Houston, where 54 others were found. Video Below

This all led to Crenshaw addressing the long debated question on if walls really do work. He asked Nielson, “Would you agree that there are three parts to security: personnel, technology and barriers?” Nielson agreed.

As the discussion went on, Crenshaw used sound examples to prove, with the help of Nielson, that you can’t just take one of the three components of security away.

Nielson said, ” We need all three. We also need the ability to detain and remove when there’s no legal right to stay.” She then backed up the claim that there is a crisis at the border and disclosed that the current asylum process is highly abused. Video Below