Trump Takes A Swipe At Dems Before Departing To AL: ‘Democrats Have Become An Anti-Jewish Party’

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Before heading to Alabama to visit tornado victims and survey the damage, President Trump spoke briefly with the press and responded after the House passed a resolution pertaining to comments from Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

From the White House lawn on Friday, the President called Thursday’s House vote a disgrace. (Video Below)

President Trump took a swipe at Democrats and said they are becoming an “anti-Israel” and “anti-Jewish” party, after the House passed a resolution that related to bigotry without directly condemning Rep. Omar for her anti-Semitic remarks.

“Democrats have become an anti-Israel party. They’ve become an anti-Jewish party,” President Trump declared. “I think the vote was a disgrace.”

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The President said that most lawmakers would agree that the resolution, which did not mention Ilhan Omar by name, was a disgrace “if you get an honest answer.” (Video Below)

The final vote on the resolution was 407 to 23—with 23 Republicans voting no, and all Democrats, including Omar, voting yes. The final draft of the resolution was expanded Thursday afternoon to condemn all forms of bigotry, including white supremacy, in what Republicans characterized as a ploy to distract from Omar’s remarks which had prompted the resolution in the first place, reported Fox News.

Meanwhile, Reps. Omar, Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Andre Carson (D-IN) called the vote historic.

“Today is historic on many fronts,” they said in a statement. “It’s the first time we have voted on a resolution condemning Anti-Muslim bigotry in our nation’s history. (Video Below)

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