Pres Trump Reveals The Great Economic Progress ‘Hostile & Corrupt Media’ Fail To Report

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President Trump was up and at ’em this morning as he signed on Twitter to post some good news that he feels the media is failing to report.

While Trump has turned around the economy and is making lives better and safer for all Americans, the media would much rather attack him and his administration in every way they see fit. He took matters into his own hands Sunday morning to reveal his success, since barely anyone in the media is.

In a pair of tweets Trump took aim at the “hostile and corrupt” media, while informing Americans of major progress his administration has made.

Trump said, “Despite the most hostile and corrupt media in the history of American politics, the Trump Administration has accomplished more in its first two years than any other Administration.”

He continued, “Judges, biggest Tax & Regulation Cuts, V.A. Choice, Best Economy, Lowest Unemployment & much more!”

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The President then dropped very exciting news on the current state of jobs in the United States that he considers to be “Big Deal,” yet no one in the liberal media is pointing it out.

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He said, “More people are working today in the United States, 158,000,000, than at any time in our Country’s history. That is a Big Deal!” See Below

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We leave you with recent video of Trump discussing his economic success: