Diamond & Silk RIP Repubs Who Voted Against The Nat’l Emergency, Label Them ‘Swampets’

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On Thursday, twelve Republican Senators sided with Democrats in a vote to terminate President Trump’s national emergency declaration along the southern Mexican border.

The legislation was passed by both chambers of Congress, only to be immediately vetoed by the President. And now, Republican Senators who helped with  the bill’s efforts are now facing uproar from their party who strongly support Trump.

Pro-Trump All-Stars, Diamond and Silk, appeared on Lou Dobbs to voice their support for Trump’s veto and also their frustration with the twelve Republican “swampets” who helped Democrats in their opposition to President Trump.

Diamond said, “Listen, the President is committed to making sure we have border security and to making sure that the American people are safe in this country.”

She then ripped those in the Republican party who voted against Trump’s national emergency. Video Below

With Silk’s full approval, Diamond said, “We say shame on those twelve Republicans that sided with Democrats.”

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She added, “We call them the new ‘swampets’ because they went along, singing along with Democrat. And the President had to do this because of their doings.”

Video Below


As a reminder, here are the 12 Republican Senators who voted against President Trump’s national emergency declaration:

Sen. Roger Wicker (Mississippi)
Sen. Marco Rubio (Florida)
Sen. Rob Portman (Ohio)
Sen. Susan Collins (Maine)
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
Sen. Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania)
Sen. Roy Blunt (Missouri)
Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tennessee)
Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah)
Sen. Rand Paul (Kentucky)
Sen. Jerry Moran (Kansas)
Sen. Mike Lee (Utah)