Mike Huckabee Gets The Last Laugh On Democrats As Mueller’s Probe Comes To An End

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The Special Counsel’s Russia investigation officially came to a close on Friday, as it was announced that Robert Mueller turned in his report to Attorney General William Barr.

This all came after months of repeated false narratives pushed by media sources and Democrats who held out hope that Mueller’s investigation was the golden ticket to Trump’s impeachment. And Mike Huckabee appears to have gotten the last laugh among Democrat forces that be.

Huckabee took to Twitter following the big news with far left Democrats, including Adam Schiff, and mainstream media sources in his crosshairs.

Huckabee dropped his first bomb when he said, “Just in! CNN and BSNBC suspends all programming tonight so their FAKE NEWS goons can get falling-down drunk as @realDonaldTrump not indicted & Adam Schiff, for 1st time in 2 yrs NOT available to be in front of camera, but spotted at park wearing trench coat & sobbing.”

Huckabee wasn’t quite done with his brutal public trolling of the left, as about an hour later, he unleashed another gem, this time, targeting the highly liberal states of New York and California.

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In a second blast, Huckabee said, “Reports of massive toilet paper shortage in dark blue states like NY and CA in what’s being called acute Blue State Diarrhea brought on by failure of Mueller to find RUSSIA! collusion w/ @realDonaldTrump.

He added, “So if in a blue state, beware of high levels of methane gas!” See Below

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Classic Troll Job!

In ending, we leave you with Paul Sperry’s reaction to the matter.