Dems In Denial: Irate Talking Heads Drop Theories On Why Mueller Probe Didn’t Turn Out The Way They Hoped

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller has submitted to Attorney General Bill Barr his long-awaited report on the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential race and possible collusion with Trump associates — marking the end of the politically explosive probe and the beginning of a new battle over its contents and implications, Fox News reported.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel took to twitter happy to report the witch hunt has concluded, while also exposing the democrat’s loony conspiracies, their baseless attacks against President Trump, and hilarious meltdowns.

Ronna McDaniel, like most of Americans, see right through what the anti-Trump media mob pulled on the American people over the last two years.

Upon Robert Mueller turning over his report to the Attorney General, the media is still peddling their attacks against the President while displaying their anger against Trump, because the Mueller Probe didn’t turn out the way they hoped.

McDaniel took to twitter in a series of tweets exposing some of the media’s meltdowns.

She began by writing, “After two years, millions of taxpayer dollars & multiple congressional investigations confirming there was no collusion, I’m pleased this report has concluded. The Special Counsel finished his work without any DOJ interference, proving Democrats’ speculation was dead wrong.” (Videos Below)

McDaniel continued, “Imagine watching MSNBC or CNN for the last two years and learning: 1. Mueller finished his work without any DOJ interference. 2. No American will be charged for colluding with Russia. It wasn’t just Democrats who falsely speculated, many in the media went right along with it.”

She pointed out, “WaPo wrote 188 more stories about the Russia Investigation than the defeat of ISIS. NY Times wrote 619 more stories about Russia than on the renegotiation of NAFTA. CNN wrote 891 more stories about Russia than stories about the middle class tax cuts. The bias is ridiculous.”

“From funding fake political oppo research to peddling baseless investigations at taxpayer expense, Dems have put a smear campaign ahead of the American people every step of the way. They’ve been pushing a phony Russia Collusion narrative since the second @realDonaldTrump won.” McDaniel said. (Videos Below)

She didn’t stop there and explained, “Democrats took America on a wild goose chase in a desperate attempt to take down @realDonaldTrump. For two years, Dems & the media lied to America. They NEVER had any evidence of collusion. Now Dems will have to answer for their baseless attacks against President Trump.”

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Further she tweeted a few clips to show exactly how the media is continuing their bias while having meltdowns.

In the first clip McDaniel wrote, “MSNBC’s Joy Reid is already claiming “the seeds of a cover-up are here.” The liberal media is so opposed to @realDonaldTrump that they’re melting down over news that no Americans will be indicted for colluding with Russia. Shouldn’t the entire country be happy about that??”


In the next clip Chris Matthews of MSNBC suffers an epic meltdown over the Mueller report.

McDaniel said, “I haven’t seen MSNBC this upset since Election Night 2016.”

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McDaniel tweeted another clip of Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) calling into MSNBC with Joy Reid where he claimed President Trump is not a legitimate President.

She wrote, “Democrat John Lewis thinks @realDonaldTrump is “not a legitimate president” no matter what Mueller report says. For Democrats, this investigation has never been about seeking the truth. It has always been about their political agenda against the President.”

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Media bias alert: On Friday, when the Mueller report was completed, ISIS’s last stronghold in Syria was also eliminated. Since then, MSNBC has not covered ISIS’s defeat for a single minute, refusing to acknowledge this huge win for @realDonaldTrump and the world.

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