Giuliani Threatens Those Who Try Reversing Mueller’s Findings: ‘I’m Ready To Slam It Down Their Throat’

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President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, is locked, loaded and ready to take on anyone who tries to reverse Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings as relayed by Attorney General William Barr.

Giuliani said the 4-page letter sent out by Barr that summarizes Mueller’s report, shows the President is fully exonerated of collusion and the obstruction charge that was virtually made up by Mueller righthand man Andrew Weissmann.

Rudy, who has been practicing law since the 1970’s, claimed, “This is about as big of an exoneration as I have ever seen.”

He then threatened an 87-page report on whoever tries to use any information in Mueller’s report against the President. He said those on the left who are currently trying to reverse Trump’s exoneration “look completely foolish and they look pathetic.”

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Giuliani said, “I haven’t read the report, I haven’t seen it. They can put out every part of it. It’s not gonna show either one (collusion or obstruction). Otherwise, you couldn’t have come to the conclusion you came to.”

He added, “And second, if they have a few nasty facts in there, I’m ready to slam it down their throat. Because we have an 87-page report, which we will use.”

Giuliani didn’t get into specifics of his report, but he did say there are things in it that the Special Counsel did that they won’t want getting out to the public. He said, “They acted in ways that outrage me, as a person who cares about justice.”

Rudy defiantly concluded, “I don’t care what they put out. He didn’t collude, he didn’t obstruct. God, do we have to say it again? And I can prove it, so give me what you got and I will knock it out of the ballpark.” Video Below