Bernie Floats Free College For All, Crenshaw Fires Back: ‘Stop Trying To Buy Off My Generation With Impossible Promises’

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It’s no secret that Democrat Presidential Nominee Bernie Sanders is a socialist and would love to inject socialist policies into America.

As the race for 2020 begins to heat up on the Democrat side, Bernie is trying to gain an edge on his competition, and he attempted to do so by, once again, floating the idea of free college for all.

On Saturday, Sanders took to Twitter to push his concept of tuition-free colleges and universities.

Bernie said, “It’s a disgrace that thousands of Americans don’t go to college because they can’t afford it, or leave school with crushing debt.”

He continued, “Our message to young people must be: You won’t be punished for getting an education. We will make public colleges and universities tuition-free.”

Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) rebuked Bernie after seeing his tweet and revealed the strings that are attached to the idea of free college that Sanders is hiding. See Below

Crenshaw replied, “And you’re going to tax the hardworking middle class to do it. Stop trying to buy off my generation with impossible promises.”

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He then added, “And if you do, at least be honest about how to pay for it. The “1%” don’t make enough to pay for your programs. Eventually you have to tax everyone.” See Below

Dan Crenshaw’s Official Response To Bernie Sanders’ Free College Plan