Comey Calls It ‘Totally Normal’ To Plant An Agent In A Campaign, Bongino Reacts: ‘Comey Is A Snake’

Comey, BonginoCNN Screen Shot, Fox Screen Shot

Former FBI Director James Comey made some more off-the-cuff remarks on the surveilling (aka spying) of President Trump’s 2016 campaign, while facing CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Comey suggested it was “reasonable” and a “completely normal” step when it came to planting an undercover investigator in a political campaign. And he attempted to explain why.

Comey initially said he was disappointed Barr used the word “spying” to describe what happened to Trump’s campaign and that he only chose that word because the President used it.

Cooper then pressed Comey on his decision to embed an agent in Trump’s campaign and asked if he thought that might have been too extreme of a measure.

Comey replied “No” and that it was “reasonable.” He cited being tipped off by Australia that Papadopoulos may have been talking to the Russians as to why he decided to surveil him.

Comey said, “That’s a totally normal step. See if you can get someone close to the person and see if they can confirm what we heard from the Russians.” Video Below

Dan Bongino reacted to Comey’s remarks by pointing out how big of a liar he is and by comparing the situation described by the former FBI Director as something that would happen in totalitarian countries.

Bongino said, “Comey is a snake. He’s a gifted liar and a natural at deception. The easiest way to tell that he’s lying is that his lips are moving.”

He added, “If this doesn’t frighten you then you’ll fit right in, in North Korea and Cuba.” Video Below