Ratcliffe Previews The Wave Of ‘Accountability’ That’s Bound For Comey, Brennan, Clapper & More

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Congressman John Ratcliffe joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday to discuss the most recent turn of events related to Attorney General William Barr and pending investigations.

Ratcliffe voiced his embarrassment with the way Jerry Nadler is handling his lead as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in wake of the committee voting on holding Barr in contempt. Ratcliffe found it a complete disgrace that Barr was held in contempt for simply following the rule of law by not releasing grand jury testimony.

Ratcliffe also gave his take on James Comey’s latest remarks in defense of his handling of the Russia probe. He slammed Comey for pretending to be more of a ‘super hero’ and defending those, such as Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, who had clear bias towards the President and carried out potentially illegal methods in their investigative tactics. He stated that he believes Comey and others will ultimately be held accountable as a result of their actions.

The most explosive part of the interview, however, came when Ratcliffe was asked if he thought former CIA Director John Brennan held any responsibility in potential illegal actions and if he would be held accountable.

Ratcliffe accused Brennan of making a “monstrously false statement” when denying during testimony that the Steele Dossier played any part in the intelligence community assessment. And he thinks there are classified documents to prove that.

Ratcliffe said, “I believe there will be accountability on all fronts…There’s an old saying the justice delayed is justice denied. But, I think, there’s a Mueller exception to that rule.” Video Below

“We’ve had to wait two years on Bob Mueller, but now that his report is out and there is no collusion, we can move forward,” he continued.

Ratcliffe then predicted that the pending IG report will show that the FBI headed by James Comey didn’t perform as the law required. He also believes that Attorney General Barr will “get to the bottom of the Trump/Russia conspiracy that doesn’t make any sense, and the predicate for it, and those that were not telling the truth.”

Ratcliffe concluded, “Jim Comey, and folks in our law enforcement community, and John Brennan, and Jim Clapper, and folks in the media–none of them were telling the truth. And I think there will be accountability through an Attorney General who has promised to get to the bottom of it.” Video Below