Clearly Agitated Nadler Suggests ‘Trump Is King’ After WH Rejects His Demands For More Docs

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Wednesday during a brief interview with CNN’s Senior Congressional Correspondent, Manu Raju, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) responded to the White House rejecting his request more documentation.

This comes after, Pat Cipollone, the White House Counsel sent a letter to Nadler dismissing his request and arguing that it is illegitimate.

As Nadler continues his horse and pony show, Cipollone wrote a letter to the Chairman and it read in part, “It appears that the Committee’s inquiry is designed, not to further a legitimate legislative purpose, but rather to conduct a pseudo law enforcement investigation on matters that were already the subject of the Special Counsel’s long-running investigation and are outside the constitutional authority of the legislative branch.

“Congressional investigations are intended to obtain information to aid in evaluating potential legislation, not to harass political opponents or to pursue an unauthorized ‘do-over’ of exhaustive law enforcement investigations conducted by the Department of Justice,” he added.

Nadler was stopped in the halls of Congress by Manu Raju for comment.

Nadler responded, “This is the White House claiming that the president is a king.” (Continued Below)

Nadler continued, “This is the White House saying that the Justice Department said they can’t hold the President accountable because you can’t indict a president and now they’re saying neither can Congress. So the President is totally unaccountable and above the law. No president, no person in the United States is above the law. This is preposterous.”

“They are saying we should end the investigation. We are not ending the investigation. If we were to agree to that, then no president would ever be subject to any kind of investigation for misconduct of any type,” he added.

Nadler also said they are seriously considering using Congress’ inherent contempt powers to impose hefty fines on individuals who do not comply with their subpoenas. Manu Raju asked how large of fines they would seek to impose, and Nadler said, “Very large.” (Continued Below)

Asked if Nadler would seek to impose such fines on the attorney general, Nadler responded: “It would be for anybody who is held in inherent contempt …” adding that “Dems are prepared to subpoena whoever we have to subpoena. We will hear from Mueller, we will hear from McGahn …“

A White correspondent for PBS, Yamiche Alcindor, reported, “I asked a WH about Nadler’s saying WH is claiming Pres Trump “is a king.” Sr. WH official: “The president is not acting in an imperial fashion. House Democrats and chairmen like Chairman Nadler… are acting imperiously by setting out demands that they know they have no right to.”

On Tuesday, Democrat Congressman and Presidential hopeful, Eric Swalwell, no longer is hiding his ambitions to one day impeach President Trump.

He claimed Attorney General William Barr is his primary target along with Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin as a secondary target before Trump can be impeached.

Swalwell hinted that there is a long, difficult road ahead before impeaching the President is possible as he said, “It’s not going to happen as fast as it probably needs to. But I think we want to make sure we’re on solid ground as we go to the courts and seek this evidence and show that we exhausted all of these remedies. And that the President left us no other choice.”

It’s all a horse and pony show. (Video Below) 


Official Letter to Rep. Nadler from White House Counsel Pat Cipollone:

(Continued Below)

Official questions with follow-ups from reporters:

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