Fitton Wipes Out Amash’s Call To Impeach Trump With A Five-Point Reality Check

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RINO Justin Amash (R-MI), came out of nowhere and took to Twitter Friday in a 13 part series of tweets attacking President Trump and Attorney General William Barr. Amash is now the first Republican to stab Trump in the back by announcing that he’s in favor of impeaching the President after the release of the Mueller report.

However, President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, wiped out Amash’s call to impeach Trump with a five-point reality check.

Justin Amash laid out his four ” principal conclusions” as to why he believes President Trump should be impeached:

Amash wrote, “Here are my principal conclusions:”
1. Attorney General Barr has deliberately misrepresented Mueller’s report.
2. President Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct.
3. Partisanship has eroded our system of checks and balances.
4. Few members of Congress have read the report.

Next, he explained why he offered his conclusions, “Only after having read Mueller’s redacted report carefully and completely, having read or watched pertinent statements and testimony, and having discussed this matter with my staff, who thoroughly reviewed materials and provided me with further analysis.”

Fitton hit back at Amash’s “principal conclusions” with a massive reality check. (Continued Below)

Fitton took to Twitter responding to Amash and slapped down his five points:

  • Point 1 – Smear
  • Point 2 – No collusion, no obstruction, no impeachment
  • Point 3 – Statism is the problem.
  • Point 4 – Much of the Mueller dossier is gossip and legal higgle piggle, so it isn’t worth reading.
  • Point 5 – @realDonaldTrump is a crime victim of Spygate

Last month, Fitton spoke with host Lou Dobbs on Fox Business and expressed, “Never in American history has there been such a spy effort against a candidate and an abuse of power by an administration targeting its political opposition. Never before, not [Richard] Nixon, not [Lyndon B.] Johnson, never before.”

He came in for the jugular when he declared, “And Barack Obama… this is his legacy, this corruption!” [Emphasized]. (Continued Below)

Fitton concluded in his interview with Dobbs that none of it would’ve happened without Obama’s permission.

“[Obama] condoned it, he certainly was running it out of the White House; the text messages show that, and the big dossier meeting just before President Trump was inaugurated. [The meeting] included Obama, Biden, Susan Rice, James Comey. I’d like to see those four come under oath and answer some questions about what they knew and when about this false dossier.” He added.

Fitton calls it as he sees it and he also said last month, “The Mueller Dossier should never have been created and, sure enough, contains info designed to further smear and undermine @RealDonaldTrump. The Mueller team wants to remove the president and abused their power to write an impeachment report related to “obstruction.”

Tom Fitton’s official statements:

(Video Below) 

We leave you with Tom Fitton and Lou Dobbs:

Tom Fitton: “And Barack Obama… this is his legacy, this corruption!”

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