Tom Fitton: ‘We Need To Be Investigating Congress About Its Role In The Anti-Trump Coup’

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Tom Fitton, joined Lou Dobbs to voice his disgust with ongoing “harassment” against President Trump by Democrat-controlled committees, and what he thinks should be done about it.

In regards to Democrats, Fitton claims, “The flack they’re throwing up is designed to protect themselves from scrutiny.”

“Forget about investigating the investigators,” Fitton continued. “We need to be investigating Congress about its role in the anti-Trump coup.”

Fitton claims the coup attempt by leftist forces continues to this day through the “abuse of power” by House Democrats, and he backed it up by stating how they’re “targeting” the President’s IRS forms and confidential IRS data.

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He then concluded, “The reason they’re doing this, cause they don’t want the world to stop and it focus on their misconduct, their political party misconduct in engendering spygate.” Video Below


In ending, here is President Trump’s recent responses to Democrats flirting with impeachment: