Schiff Presents Legislation To Make It Illegal To Accept ‘Dirt’ From A Foreign Agent

SchiffVideo Screen Shot

Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff is a man on a mission in regards to hypothetical remarks made by President Trump in his ABC interview.

Trump caused a leftist fury when he stated that he would consider accepting “foreign oppo” research on a rival for review if presented to him.

As a result, Schiff spent the week creating a bill he hopes will make it “crystal clear” that accepting “dirt” from a foreign agent is “illegal.”

Trump’s statement was likely the primary motivating factor behind Schiff’s move. However, this all comes in wake of it being well-known that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC funded the infamous Steele Dossier, which was authored by foreign agent & former British spy Christopher Steele.

In a post that displayed his fresh-concocted bill, Schiff wrote, “Trump has shown us time and time again, he thinks it’s ok to accept assistance from a foreign power, and given the chance, he’d do it again.”

He added, “I’m introducing legislation to make it crystal clear: Accepting help or “dirt” from a foreign agent is illegal. Period.” See Below

Adam Schiff’s Official Tweet