Trey Gowdy Discloses The Questions He Would Ask Mueller If Given The Opportunity

[Image Source: Fox News Video Screenshots. Swamp Drain Compilation]

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Fox News contributor, Trey Gowdy, joined host Sean Hannity on Fox News Wednesday where they discussed the Obama administration unmasking scandal as well as questions for Robert Mueller, who is set to testify before two House committees July 17th.

Under former president Barack Obama, Samantha Power, former United Nations Ambassador, reportedly “unmasked” 260 individuals during her tenure.

Former prosecutor and South Carolina Congressman, Trey Gowdy, disclosed questions he would ask former Special Counsel Robert Mueller if given the opportunity.

“I want you to think in terms of buckets, and I frankly would start with bias. Peter Strzok wanted Clinton to win and Trump to lose, but yet you hired people who wanted Clinton to win and Trump to lose,” Gowdy began. “How much bias are you willing to put up with? You fired Strzok, but you hired a bunch of prosecutors who felt the same way.”

“Number two: someone needs to ask about this legal issue. If you can resist an unlawful arrest, can you resist an unpredicted investigation, which forces Mueller to go to the origins of this Russia investigation and how much time did he spend stifling through that?” He asked.

He went on to say he would ask Mueller next,” What did you find? No collusion, no criminal collusion, despite two years… what did you not find– an indictable offense for obstruction of justice.” (Continued Below)

“And then, this is a category and I would encourage Devin and Jimmy to think about this: what did you not bother to look for?” Gowdy asked proposing to Mueller.

He pointed to the previous administration who unmasked 260 individuals: “You just got through talking about Samantha Power and other people in the American government who may have wanted to influence either an election or an administration. We spent two years focused on whether a foreign country was going to influence or interfere with our elections.”

“Mueller, did you look at our own government? Did you look at maybe what our own people were doing to maybe put their finger on the scale? Did you interview Christopher Steele? Do you know which Russians were feeding dirt to the American electric via the DNC? Did you interview Glenn Simpson? Did you interview Jim Comey about why he leaked those memos?” Gowdy asked. (Continued Below)

The former South Carolina Congressman explained, “So there [are] five categories: bias, the legal issue, what did you find, what did you not find, and importantly, what did you not even bother to look for?”

Devin Nunes explained that he was the one who discovered that the “unmaskings” had occurred. “How on earth did you unmask this many people? It was hundreds and hundreds of unmaskings. What I couldn’t make any sense of is why there [were] so many unmaskings of Trump-transition officials during the transition and time period. There was pieces of that intelligence that [were] leaked. And Mueller should have to answer that too. Did he ever look into all of these leaks?”


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