Rep. Cohen Makes A New Pitch For Impeachment Proceedings, Cites Watergate Statistics

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Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) is not backing down from his hopes of one day seeing President Trump get impeached.

Despite his colleague, Al Green, getting tremendously shot down in his latest attempt to file articles of impeachment, Cohen is pushing forward and calling on Democrat leadership to begin impeachment proceedings immediately.

During his appearance on MSNBC, the anti-Trump representative said he thinks that opening an impeachment inquiry would help Americans see proof on how President Trump “shredded” and “disrespected” the Constitution. He cited Watergate statistics as backing for why he feels this way.

He also voiced his belief that President Trump and Attorney General Barr have “brainwashed the public” with lies.

Cohen posted a brief clip from his interview with MSNBC and captioned it, “I think if we open an impeachment inquiry now, more and more people will realize how unfit Trump truly is.”

“When Watergate hearings began only 19% of Americans supported impeachment. When they heard the proof they changed their minds. There’s a lot of proof for people to hear,” Cohen declared. Video Below