Maxine Ups The Ante In Her Latest Call For Impeachment, Demands ‘Prison Next’ For Trump

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In wake of Robert Mueller’s expected appearance in front of House Committees, Maxine Waters fired off a new round of statements targeting President Trump with the hope of rallying Democrats to jump on her Impeach-Trump Train.

On Monday evening, Waters took to Twitter to plead her case, once again, why President Trump should be impeached and how testimony from Mueller and his lawyers could give Democrats the “ammunition” needed to “start impeachment immediately.”

In her latest remarks, Waters said not only does she think President Trump should be impeached, but he should also face prison time. She cited the Michael Cohen case, which recently was concluded, as backing for her thoughts.

In a string of four tweets, Waters said, “The impeachment question is going to play heavily in the 2020 elections. Over 70 percent of Democrats polled want Trump impeached. Dems have the support. Let’s go for it! Let’s stop fiddlin’ while Rome is burning!”

“Michael Cohen is serving 3 yrs for the crimes that he committed w/ and for the President of the USA,” she continued. “Many are wondering why this case was closed. It ain’t over until it’s over & it ain’t over until Trump is held responsible for all of his crimes. Impeachment first, prison next!”

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Maxine went on to say, “Testimony from the lawyers who worked with Mueller would be additional and supportive information about #45 and his obstruction of justice and collusion with Russia. We can’t stop now. Let’s go for it! Impeachment is the answer!”

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“The Judiciary members have a good plan to force more info out of Mueller when he testifies before the committee. If this works, this will give us the ammunition we need to start impeachment immediately,” Maxine declared. See Below

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