In Response To Epstein, Rosenstein Says Pedos Are At High Suicide Risk; Dinesh Reacts: ‘He’s A Little Fast Out Of The Gate’

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Former DOJ Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein took a moment to weigh in on the alleged suicide of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in wake of his trial for sex trafficking charges.

Epstein was found dead in his jail cell on Saturday morning, and despite the conclusion that Epstein killed himself, other theories immediately began floating on other factors that could have led to his death. Rosenstein attempted to put such theories to bed with a post on Twitter.

Rosenstein said, “Pedophiles facing federal criminal charges are at high risk for suicide. It happened in several of my Maryland cases when defendants were released on bail.”

Detained pedophiles require special attention,” he continued. “Stopping people from harming themselves is difficult.”

He then provided a link to back up his claim, which can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Dinesh D’Souza responded to Rosenstein after seeing his statement. See Below

Dinesh said, “He’s a little fast out the gate with this assessment.”

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He added, “It might be worth asking an old detective question: who stood most to gain from Epstein’s death? A lot of people! There’s your suspect list.” See Below

Dinesh Responds To Rosenstein

Dinesh also wrote about his experience in dealing with the Obama-Clinton gang, likely in relation to Bill Clinton’s ties to Epstein, via multiple flight logs.

He said, “Taking on the Obama-Clinton gang is a health hazard. When I was in federal confinement for eight months, I was more afraid of something like this—drugs “found” in my locker, an “apparent” suicide—than I was of the murderers, rapists & gang members who were my fellow inmates.”

Then in direct response to Epstein’s death, D’Souza said, “And now the flight logs are all we have. How fortunate for these Democrats that their longtime donor and pimp Jeffrey Epstein is no longer around to rat them out.”