Bernie Sanders Calls Trump ‘An Idiot’, Dan Bongino Fires Back: ‘I Have Never Seen A Bigger Phony, Fake, Fraud In Politics Than This Joker’

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Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino spoke with “Fox & Friends” Monday where he fired back at Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) after the Democratic presidential candidate called President Trump an “idiot” for denying “climate change.”

Bernie Sanders took to Twitter on Saturday where he wrote, “Donald Trump believes climate change is a hoax. Donald Trump is an idiot.”

Dan Bongino responded with immediate laughter and accused Bernie Sanders of believing in the “money fairy” for proposing a “Medicare-for-all” plan that he estimates will cost up to $40 trillion over a 10-year period.

“Is this the comedy block at 7:30 in the morning? Donald Trump’s an idiot?” he asked before proceeding to talk in Bernie Sanders’ voice. “[I’m] Bernie Sanders; I want to spend 30 trillion dollars in 10 years. [Do] you like my Bernie impersonation? Donald’s an idiot? This guy wants to spend 30 trillion dollars over the next 10 years and we’re 20 trillion in debt.”

Bernie admitted that “his” medicare for all plan would cost $30-40 trillion over a 10- year period during an interview with The Washington Post.

“We’re talking about a guy who can’t do first-grade-level math and Donald Trump is an idiot?” Bongino asked, later questioning what jobs Sanders has held outside of politics. “Shall we go on? This guy’s never had a real job outside of politics his entire life. You understand, he can’t do basic math. He believes in the ‘money fairy.'” (Continued Below)

Bongino went on to impersonate Bernie again saying, “We can find money anywhere… yeah, money here, money there.”

Bongino also pointed out that Sanders is a millionaire who owns three houses, including a $575,000 four-bedroom lake-front home in his home state, though he often rails against the wealthy. He argued that Sanders often fails to explain how his far-left proposals would be funded, as per Fox News.

“It’s never his money. The guy owns 2 or 3 houses? Is it two or three now? He owns 2 or 3 houses and claims to be a socialist. And Donald Trump’s an idiot? Let me tell you something, all you Sanders supporters out there, I don’t know the guy, I’ve never met him. But I’m telling you right now, based on his public statements, I have never in my life seen a bigger phony, fake, fraud in politics than this joker. He’s never had a job, he doesn’t work. He’s a millionaire. Notice he stopped railing against millionaires? He only rails against billionaires now,” Bongino pointed out. “You know why? Because he’s a millionaire.” (Video Below)

“He’s the biggest phony out there, [a] total fraud,” Bongino reiterated.

Sanders, a socialist, reportedly spent nearly $300,000 on private air travel last October so he could speak to audiences in nine battleground states prior to November’s midterm elections. During the 2016 election, Sanders spent $5.2 million on private jet services in a six-month period, from the end of 2015 to mid-2016, as per Fox News.

Bernie Sanders’ official tweet:

Bongino fires back:

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