Pete Hegseth Reacts As Democrats Begin Rooting For A Recession: ‘First Russia, Then Racism, Now Recession- Leading To Re-Election’

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Republicans in Congress and President Donald Trump are making America great again. Meanwhile, Democrats are now “rooting for a “recession” and pushing for socialism.

The President has created 6 million new jobs, record-low unemployment, higher wages and tax cuts for hardworking families.

President Trump has created opportunities for America, for all of the forgotten men and women, in any community in our country.

He has been the one fighting for the American people, regardless of their party, and he’s rebuilding the middle class. But, the proof is in the pudding that Democrats are not happy about it. Take the 2019 State of the Union for example where he said, “African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American unemployment have all reached their lowest levels ever recorded.” The Democrats, however, sat in their seats stone-faced and angry that the President is delivering on his promises.

The left is now dragging up a “recession” scare because they know it’s the Presidents strongest suit: the economy.

Anti-Trump Congressman, Steve Cohen (D-TN), spoke with CNN on Tuesday where he dropped off the Democrat’s latest talking point: “recession.” Oddly enough, it seems Democrats are now taking this bizarre idea formulated from political talk show host, Bill Maher. (Continued Below)

At the beginning of the month, Bill Maher claimed that he’s willing to see Americans suffer through another recession if it would be a way to get rid of President Trump. “I’ve been hoping for a recession – people hate me for it – but it would get rid of Trump,” he said.

Rep. Cohen jumped on the bandwagon and claimed Tuesday, “‘I have no doubt we are gonna see a recession’. What you see with U.S. steel is a response to the tariffs [that] are poorly thought out. The world is concerned about Trump acting on his own– these tariffs and not working with allies to try to come up with mechanisms that help our country and the ‘world’s economy.'”

“We’re not independent and Trump said yesterday that there [are] recessions in Europe, but we’re great. Well, the recessions in Europe are gonna come to America. It’s a world-wide economy and if they can’t buy our goods, we’re gonna have a recession. We all work together and he can’t understand that or refuses to admit it,” he added. (Video Below)

Then Cohen tweeted, “I think we will see a recession. Trump entered office during the longest economic expansion in U.S. history, but he has managed it terribly. Today, U.S. Steel announced layoffs. The poorly designed #TrumpTradeWar is already backfiring b/c he won’t work with our allies. #TariffMan”

Pete Hegseth, “Fox & Friends” co-host, responded to Democrats predicting an upcoming “recession”.

He wrote on Twitter, “First it was: Russia, Russia, Russia! Then: Racism, Racism, Racism! Now: Recession, Recession, Recession! All leading to: Re-election, Re-election, Re-election!”

Pete’s Hegseth’s official tweet:

Steve Cohen: “I have no doubt we are gonna see a recession.”

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President Trump confidently said on Tuesday, “We’re very far from a recession.”

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway chimed in and responded to a reporter on Monday, “It’s nice to see the media finally covering ‘Trump economy’. You seem to only cover it when you can use the ‘Sesame Street’ word of the day ‘recession.'” [Emphasized]

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Katrina Pierson said that Democrats have been predicting a recession along with the stock market crashing. “Well, that didn’t happen. So again, we’re onto another fear tactic in a hope to suppress support for President Trump. It’s not gonna happen because the rumors of Trump’s demise are always exaggerated,” she said.

Turning Point Founder Charlie Kirk responded and asked, “The left is trying to pin an imaginary recession on @realDonaldTrump Does anyone else find it strange: For the past two years, they’ve refused to give Trump credit for the economy he built Now they’re trying to blame him for a recession that doesn’t exist?

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