While Grilling Lewandowski, Nadler Puts His Irritation On Full Display: ‘I Will Enforce The Limit’

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House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler was not a happy camper while getting a shot at grilling Cory Lewandowski as part of Democrats’ impeachment effort.

Tuesday marked the first of hearings set to come as a result of Nadler’s move to “investigate” whether or not President Trump should be impeached.

While being questioned, Lewandowski caught Nadler off guard when he asked for a copy of the Mueller report to answer an initial question because the White House asked him to answer questions in accordance with what is stated in the Mueller report.

Nadler was clearly irked, and at one point rolled his eyes as he did not contain his composure, and accused Lewandowski of “filibustering’ which is impossible to do by definition unless you are a member of Congress.

Once Lewandowski got a copy of the report in front of his eyes, he refused to answer a series of question, referencing a letter from the White House that directed him to “not disclose the substance of any discussions with the President,” as part of “long standing principles” that were designed to protect “confidentiality” of the Executive branch of government.

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With just under seven minutes into Nadler’s time of questioning Lewandowki, Rep. Doug Collins made a “point of order” demanding Nadler’s time is up. He cited a hearing rule that states each member of the committee is given five minutes to question a witness.

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A frazzled Nadler responded, “I will enforce the limit under the five-minute rule,” which then led to a role call to challenge whether or not Nadler could continue. Video Below