Giuliani Exposes How Biden ‘Bribed’ Ukraine’s Pres To Hinder A Probe On Hillary & Biden’s Son

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An unidentified intelligence community official filed a whistleblower complaint with the intelligence community inspector general on Aug. 12 after reportedly becoming concerned about President Trump’s alleged conversation with a foreign leader. The complaint was filed at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The alleged conversation President Trump had with a foreign leader reportedly centers on Ukraine and has set off a whirlwind of controversy in the D.C swamp. In a CNN interview Thursday night, President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, acknowledged some effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate potential corruption related to the Biden family.

Rudy Giuliani has raised questions about the activities of former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, who worked for a Ukrainian gas company. During an interview on CNN, Giuliani called out host Chris Cuomo and his network for not covering the story.

“Joe Biden offered a 1.2 billion loan guarantee in return for him firing a prosecutor. [The proof is] Joe Biden, 2018 January, in front of the council of foreign relations saying the whole thing. He left out the fact that his son is under investigation. The crime actually gets completed when he says I’ll give you the 1.2 billion, but you have to fire the prosecutor. For whatever reason, he wants the prosecutor fired. You cannot offer something of value in exchange for official action. Crime over with,” Giuliani said to Cuomo.

“Motive: the kid was under investigation, be[cause] he had gotten 6 billion dollars from the most crooked Ukrainian oligarch. You don’t cover corruption against Democrats the way you do Republicans,” he explained.

“You are totally biased! It is sad to watch what happened to you. You are a sellout! These are crimes of major proportions and because they’re Democrats, you won’t cover it. Your corrupt media won’t cover it, because he’s a Democrat! You are standing up for two systems of justice,” Giuliani told Cuomo. “Joe Biden can be involved in bribery. Joe Biden’s son can get 1.5 billion dollars from China and you won’t cover it! And I urged the Ukrainian government to investigate corruption. Well, I did and I’m proud of it.” (Continued Below)

Giuliani also took to Twitter Thursday and wrote, “The Dem owned media is going crazy over Ukraine. But first let them report how the VP Biden bribed the Pres. of Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating collusion with Hillary and Biden’s son taking millions from a corrupt oligarch, after billions from China.”

He continued, “A President telling a Pres-elect of a well known corrupt country he better investigate corruption that affects US is doing his job. Maybe if Obama did that the Biden Family wouldn’t have bilked millions from Ukraine and billions from China; being covered up by a Corrupt Media.”

Giuliani also posted a video of Joe Biden talking during the council of foreign relations and he wrote, “Biden leaves out that his son’s corrupt company Burisma and his son were being investigated by that prosecutor. Biden approved replacement dropped case on son and Soros’ NGO., Report that corrupt media!” (Video Below)

Joe Biden said during the council of foreign relations in the video that Giuliani posted, “I remember going [to Ukraine] convincing our team or others to convince the United States we should be providing for loan guarantees. I went over, I guess the 12th or 13th time. And I was supposed to announce there was another billion-dollar loan.”

“I had gotten a commitment from [Petro Oleksiyovych] Poroshenko and [Arseniy] Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor and they didn’t. So I said, ‘Nah, we’re not gonna give you the billion dollars.’ They said, ‘You don’t have authority, you’re not the President.’ I said, ‘Call him. You’re not getting the billion dollars if the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch! He got fired,” Biden admitted.

Joe Biden’s official comments that Giuliani was referring to:

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Giuliani’s back and forth with Chris Cuomo:

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