Schiff Says ‘Whistleblower Is Credible & Left A Roadmap To Investigate’, Trump Reacts: ‘Democrat Scam!’

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Following a House Intelligence Committee hearing focused on the acting Director of National Intelligence’s handling of the whistleblower complaint that was released Thursday morning, President Trump roasted House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff (D-CA), as someone with “zero credibility.”

Schiff claimed to the public for years that he had “evidence in plain sight” of Russian collusion involving President Trump, but never produced anything of such.

After the hearing on Thursday with Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, Schiff spoke to reporters and claimed that the whistleblower complaint “sets out a series of the most damning allegations concerning the conduct of the President and ‘others’ potentially within  the administration.”

He also suggested that the “complaint lays out a scheme to use the leverage of the presidency, … use the leverage of military assistance to a foreign nation, and to provide or obtain dirt on a political opponent,” adding, “It’s hard to imagine a more serious set of allegations of those contained in the complaint.”

Schiff went on to claim that “he found the whistleblower credible” and said that the other allegations are yet to be determined, but that it will be the “subject of our investigations,” adding that the whistleblower has given the Democrats a “roadmap for their investigation.”

President Trump responded to reporters briefly after the hearing and took to Twitter blasting “Liddle’ Adam Schiff” and pointing out that the whistleblower had second-hand information. (Continued Below)

The President tweeted on Thursday, “Adam Schiff has zero credibility. Another fantasy to hurt the Republican Party!”

“Liddle’ Adam Schiff, who has worked unsuccessfully for 3 years to hurt the Republican Party and President, has just said that the Whistleblower, even though he or she only had second hand information, “is credible.” How can that be with zero info and a known bias. Democrat Scam!” President Trump declared.

He also told reporters Thursday that he “has to put up with Adam Schiff [after] an absolutely perfect phone call to the new President of Ukraine. But Adam Schiff doesn’t talk about Joe Biden and his son walking away with millions of dollars from Ukraine and then millions of dollars from China. He doesn’t talk about Joe Biden firing a prosecutor and if that prosecutor is not fired, he’s not gonna give him money from the United States of America. They don’t talk about that.” (Videos Below)

“What these guys, Democrats are doing to this country, is a disgrace and it shouldn’t be allowed. There should be a way of stopping it; maybe legally through the courts, but they’re gonna tie up our country. We can’t talk about anything [legislation] because they are so tied up, so screwed up, nothing gets done, except when I do it. … And Nancy Pelosi has been hijacked by the radical left and everybody knows it,” the President added.

President Trump’s full remarks:

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Schiff also tweeted an article from The New York Times and wrote, “The President’s suggestion that those involved in the whisteblower [sic] complaint should be dealt with as ‘we used to do’ for ‘spies and treason’ is a reprehensible invitation to violence against witnesses in our investigation. All Americans must denounce such witness intimidation,” after reports surfaced that President Trump described the whistleblower and officials who gave them information as “almost a spy.”

Schiff’s remarks after the hearing:

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