Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Challenges Trump To Testify & Calls Him “Weak”, Levin Fires Back: “Presidents Don’t Testify Before Congress”

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Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway, took his displeasure with President Trump to a whole new level on Sunday in a tweet specifically targeting the Commander-In-Chief.

Mr. Conway, whose wife is one of Trump’s most trusted advisors, challenged the President to testify in the impeachment inquiry, and asked why he is so “weak” and “scared.”

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“Why don’t *you* testify?” Conway asked.

“Are you afraid, as you were with Mueller, that your stable genius couldn’t withstand cross-examination under oath?” he added. “If the call with Zelensky was so “perfect,” what’s there to be afraid of? Why are you so weak and scared?”

Mark Levin fired back at Conway upon learning of his tweet. See Below

George Conway’s Tweet Directed At President Trump

Nearly 24 hours later, Mark Levin gave some piece of mind in relation to Conway’s dare for the President.

“Did Clinton? No. Did Nixon? No,” Levin stated in a pair of tweets. “Among other things, presidents don’t testify before Congress for separation of powers purposes.”

“But this outburst by a Trump-hating clown lawyer, like all his outbursts, receives press attention because his wife works for the president,” he added. “And apparently he has no problem embarrassing her on a regular basis. Some husband. But the press love it.”