Sara Carter On Her Level Of Confidence In Barr: “If He Does The Right Job, People Will Be Indicted & The Truth Will Be Exposed”

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While appearing on Lou Dobbs Tonight, Sara Carter disclosed her thoughts on Attorney General William Barr now that it has been a year since he has taken the reigns of the Department of Justice.

Dobbs & Carter primarily discussed the unfairness of Roger Stone’s case, before Dobbs asked Sara if she still has the same level of “confidence” in AG Barr as she did when he first took the job in 2019.

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Dobbs asked, “This attorney general, do you still have the same confidence in him as you had a year ago when took the job?”

Sara replied, “Yes I do, Lou. But I’m still holding him accountable just like every American should hold him accountable as well as John Durham.”

She continued, “If he does the right job, people will be indicted and the truth will be exposed. Remember, we’re still waiting — we’re still waiting for him to declassify all of the documents that President Trump had given him authority to declassify so that we can know the truth.” Video Below

Dobbs reacted to the lack of transparency seen out the government by saying, “The American people are being treated like mushrooms. And you and I both know what that requires: and part of it is darkness and the rest has been what we’ve been handed so far throughout this past year.”

Sara responded, “Absolutely Lou, and it’s actually insulting. It’s insulting to the American people.”

Moments later, Sara added, “If the DOJ doesn’t do its job — the frightening thing — who else will? There won’t be anyone to hold anyone accountable. And that’s actually very frightening as an American citizen that the power rests in that.” Video Below