James Woods Declares The Democratic Party Has Been ‘Hijacked’ & Is A ‘Vampirized Husk, Gone Forever’

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James Woods gave his two cents, and then some when replying to a tweet by Senator Ted Cruz in regards to the current state of the Democratic Party.

Cruz responded to a video featuring Andrew Yang, who implied during his analysis of the Nevada Caucus that the Democratic Party is no longer the party of the “working class.”

In his reaction to Yang’s commentary, Cruz said, “Yang is right: This is the most fundamental political shift of the past decade.”

He added, “The Democratic Party has abandoned the working class, has abandoned union members, and the GOP has become the blue-collar party of jobs.”

When replying to Cruz’s tweet, James Woods went a step further and suggested the Democratic Party has been “hijacked” and is a “vampirized husk, gone forever.”

Woods tweeted: “The Democratic Party has been hijacked by screeching socialists, ranting ‘intersectionalists,’ whatever they hell they are, and masked Antifa street thugs. Republicans stand for jobs, borders, and national security. The Democratic Party is a vampirized husk, gone forever.” Video Below

James Woods Replies To Ted Cruz

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We leave you with video of Andrew Yang making his assessment on the Democratic party’s stance with hard working Americans: