Schiff Claims Trump’s Use Of The Phrase ‘Chinese Virus’ “Breeds Disunity, Discrimination & Division”

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On Saturday afternoon, Congressman Adam Schiff broke his silence on President Trump’s referring to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus”.

Democrats and some members of the media have suggested the use of that particular phrase is “racist”, while the President has defended himself by saying that he only uses it to stress where the virus originated.

Schiff took to Twitter to weigh in on the matter, where he implied that using the phrase ‘Chinese virus’ is a way for Trump to shift blame on China for his “Administration’s failures”.

He also suggested that calling the virus by such a name “only breeds disunity, discrimination and division.”

“We need to bring people together to fight Coronavirus,” Schiff tweeted. “Blaming China may seem like good politics, but it doesn’t solve anything, or mitigate the Trump Administration’s failures.”

“Calling it the ‘Chinese virus’ only breeds disunity, discrimination and division,” he added.”Enough already.” See Below

Adam Schiff’s Official Tweet

Schiff’s remarks fall in line with a tweet by Hillary Clinton that Chinese government officials has been praising, where she accuses Trump of using “racist rhetoric to distract from his failures.”

In ending, here is comedian Tim Young casting positive light on the pandemic in that he hasn’t had to see Schiff on TV for weeks.