After CNN Called Trump A Racist, WATCH Sarah Open A Can Of WHOOP ASS!

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The ‘destroy Trump media’ was in full force Thursday, during the White House press briefing. ‘Fake news CNN,’ April Ryan, was out to get President Trump while bringing up NFL and pulling out her race card. (VIDEO BELOW)

April Ryan asked Sarah during the briefing, regarding the NFL:

“We are understanding the NFL players are still very upset with this back and forth, (“SO ARE MANY AMERICANS,” Sarah shot back.) many people have different ideas, opinions on this, but when the president weighed in, the NFL said we are going to be united. There’s anticipation that it could go even further, and more-so this weekend. What does the president anticipating? What should we expect him to say about this? NOW THE NFL AGAINST THE PRESIDENT.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Sarah responded back without hesitation:

“I think the president’s made very clear, THIS SHOULDN’T BE ABOUT THE NFL AGAINST THE PRESIDENT. This should be about our country coming together to support the flag, support the national anthem. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH HAVING PRIDE IN THE UNITED STATES. This president has been very clear on that, and he’s certainly not going to back away from that.”


April came back hungry for more Trump bashing as she asked a follow up question:

“The NFL players, what we’re hearing is that it’s not about having pride. They are saying they are patriots, they love this country, but they are “CHALLENGING” the system. They are looking at history like the challenge of the system when it came to women’s rights, as well civil rights. What does the president say when you look at history and see how people love this country but want to challenge the system to make it better?”

Again, Sarah came back knocking it out of the park:

“I think if we are going to look at history, we should look at the thousands of American’s who have given their life to protect that flag, to protect that anthem. We should be celebrating those people.”

While Sarah was responding to April’s question, she rudely tried to interrupt Sarah, as she didn’t like her answer, or perhaps doesn’t like America. Sarah shot back and slapped her down. (VIDEO BELOW)

Sarah: “We should be looking at every way to celebrate our country and bring it together, not looking at ways to divide it. The president is simply talking about what we are for, not about what we are against. And, certainly this administration will always be for protection of the flag and the national anthem and that’s not going to change.”

April still wasn’t ready to stop stirring the pot, and asked yet another bait question:

“People are still divided on this issue. It is a racial issue for some people. When the military is brought in they go and fight for the freedoms of this nation, and the players are saying they are thankful for the military service to allowing to have the freedom to do this. Is there some kind of confusion here, or is us versus them kind of scenario?”

Sarah responded to her bait once again:

“It certainly should be as I’ve said several times before, this isn’t an “us versus them.” THIS SHOULD BE SOMETHING THAT BRINGS OUR COUNTRY TOGETHER. These are symbols of what our country stands for, and this should be what the opposite of what that is. This should be a very unifying moment when the national anthem plays, ALL AMERICANS SHOULD BE PROUD TO STAND UP, SALUTE THAT FLAG, SALUTE THAT ANTHEM, AND BE PART OF THAT PROCESS.”

Watch Sarah Sanders smack down the crooked liberal press, then share this because the crooked liberal media will hide the TRUTH!




  1. and other purple women trying to twist everything for her own good the purple people are trying to make it a race issue and to me we need to get rid of their asses.

  2. April Ryan is a typical leftist, Fake News reporter who is also a Race Batter, She falls back on this because she hasn’t had an original thought in her entire life. I challenge her to tell me, yes me, someone who listened to here psycho ranting to tell me of one thing that President Trump has done that shows he is in any way, a racist. If you, April Ryan, don’t reply to this challenge you are a coward and a liar.

  3. Who does not stand for the flag, national anthem & the constitution, it is an act of rebellion against America!
    This is not a race issue, it’s a rebellion issue. America stand up and lets take a flag in our hands and line up on every street and highway all the way to Washington and let everybody know that we stand behind our president. We love God, we love America, we love our flag, our National Anthem, The Constitution and we salute all of those who fought and died for our beloved country. When the NFL players take a knee and do not stand for the flag and National Anthem, they disrespect all of us and those who paid with their lives for our freedom. God bless America!

  4. What we have here is Now the players will try and say they are nealing for the cross in an attempt to clean up what there real objectives are.

  5. The left are grasping at straws and that’s why the bring up the race issue. If a person does not agree with the left they are racists. It’s the “in” word these days because they nothing else.

  6. I would kick people out of the room as soon as they mention the word RACE–there is no such thing –word was made up–everyone is different due to the environment where they originated from— and every group is different in themselves–that woman should have been told to get leave and escorted out by security–time to quit wasting money over trivia and prejudice–hey bitch –what you say gonna make a diff–shut up and do not come back !


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