After Hannity Met With Victims In Vegas, WATCH Their INCREDIBLE Reaction For Pres. Trump!

Image Source: Screen grab from video; edited by Swamp Drain

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited Las Vegas, Nevada Wednesday, after the tragic and horrific massacre that occurred Sunday night- during a country concert event. (VIDEOS BELOW)

They visited Las Vegas to offer their support to the incredible people there: meeting with law enforcement, first responders, the medical trauma teams, and all of whom did incredible work under dire circumstances. Additionally, they visited with survivors and their families, and President Trump and First Lady Melania were deeply touched by the spirit of the people in Las Vegas. (VIDEOS BELOW)

In one particularly stirring moment at the hospital, they met 28 year-old Thomas Gunderson, who is recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg, after being shot. Thomas drugged himself behind a row of bleachers and began worrying that he may bleed out, but two young women rushed to his side. One tied a belt around his leg to stop the bleeding, while others rallied a group of men to carry him to safety. He suffered a torn muscle in his calf, making it difficult to stand, but when the President the First lady walked into his room at the hospital, he endured the pain and rose to his feet. (VIDEOS BELOW)

When asked why he did it, Thomas said:

“I will never lie down when the President of this great country comes to shake my hand.”

Watch Hannity’s interview with Thomas Gunderson, then watch what his parents have to say about President Trump below. (VIDEOS BELOW)

After meeting with Thomas Gunderson, Hannity also met with his parents. The parents of Thomas Gunderson had great things to say about President Trump and First Lady Melania. (VIDEO BELOW)

Hannity: “So what was it like to meet the President and First Lady?”

 “They are genuinely amazing people who really cared, and you can tell when someone cares.”

Thank you President Trump for your amazing leadership! God bless America and Las Vegas.



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