After Sarah SCHOOLS Acosta Again, WATCH Him Immediately Regret It

Image Source: video screen clip; edited by Swamp Drain

President Trump called a meeting with top military leaders, and when asked during a photo op and after signing an executive order, he responded with: (VIDEOS BELOW)

“It’s calm before the storm.”

Reporters itching during Friday’s White House press briefing were eager to push press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on President Trumps statement. (VIDEO BELOW)

Sarah explained that the “calm before the storm” didn’t talk about any specific actions at all. As she was pressed over and over by the crooked liberal press on the same question, she pushed back stating: (VIDEO BELOW)

“We are never going to say in advance what the PRESIDENT is planning to do. he doesn’t want to lay out our game plan for our enemies.” sarah sanders huckabee

However, “fake news CNN” Acosta would prefer President Trump to simply tell our enemies “knock it off.” He shows up for ratings and to be able to showboat his smear tactics towards President Trump, however Sarah schooled ‘fake news CNN’ Jim Acosta once again: (VIDEO BELOW)




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