After Vegas Tragedy, Reporters Do The UNTHINKABLE! Watch Sarah Slap Them Down!

Image Source: Swamp Drain

Monday, following the tragic and deadliest mass shooting in modern history, the White House and President Trump comforted the nation with unity, and spiritual consoling. (VIDEO BELOW)

President Trump addressed the nation Monday morning following the massacre at a country concert in Las Vegas Sunday night, calling the attack “an act of pure evil.”

Following the president’s address, the White House held a very important and emotional press briefing. Sarah Huckabee Sanders choked up, but held her composure graciously, while telling stories of bravery from the Las Vegas shooting. She fought off tears as she connected with the victims and tragedy from Las Vegas, Nevada. (VIDEO BELOW)

Unfortunately, the crooked liberal press showed their true colors once again, waiting to throw Sarah bait questions, while politicizing the tragic shooting and gun laws.

This is a day of mourning, a day of reflection a day of unity. There are people fighting for their life, family members looking for loved ones. This is a day to unite and not politicize. (VIDEO BELOW)

“There’s a time and place for a political debate, but now is time to unite as a country.” Sara huckabee sanders

Watch Sarah smack down the crooked liberal press. Shame on them. (VIDEO BELOW)

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families. God bless America.


  1. I have heard many news releases made by Sarah. I believe that after President Trump’s 2nd term, I want to be able to vote “Sarah for President.”

    • Rose wouldn’t that be great and then maybe Trump will still have a job with her. Yeah I think Oslama was planning on riding in Hillary’s dress tail if she were elected, wouldn’t that be bad. It would be like 4 more years with him too.

    • the ‘reporter’ is a leftist shill and should be horsewhipped. Sarah is proof her father is a fine outstanding parent and American. Leftist are behind every POTUS assassination and attempt in our history. Also they commit the vast majority of mass murders. If we are going to ban anyones guns..lets ban the lunatic fringe minority of KILLERS known as the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Left..since no one seems to be able to control their murderous urges? Amend the 2nd to ban any and all leftists from ever owning a fire arm. That actually,unlike the leftist agenda, makes sense.

  2. I love Sarah and I am upset that anyone would say or hope that the people who got killed or injured were followers of President Trump. We are all Gods Children and we all matter!!!!


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