BAM!! Bill O’Reilly UNLOADS on The View for Disrespect of Trump: “I’m NEVER going on there again.” They’re a “DISGRACE.”


Over the years Bill O’Reilly has been a frequent guest of the liberal “news” talk show The View. Because their disrespect for President-elect and questioning of his mental capacity, O’Reilly says he will never return to The View. Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, in particular have shown that they can dish it out, but can’t take it. (VIDEOS BELOW)

On his Friday show, Mr. O’Reilly told Martha McCallum that he will never go on The View again. Watch this clip and you’ll see just why.


The second “bonus clip” shows that it’s not really Donald Trump who is unstable. Watch Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar become unhinged and walk off the show in 2011 after O’Reilly says “Muslims killed us on 9/11”. This one’s always good for a laugh. Those loony liberal ladies…LMAO!!


During The View Wednesday, Joy Behar claimed Trump is not “right in the head,” and said he “has never appeared stable.” Please watch the video clip below and then tell me who’s unstable. 🙂

“It’s not that I don’t agree with him…. “He isn’t right in the head. The first time I met President Obama, on this show, I said the one thing you say about this man and his wife is that they’re ‘mentally stable.’ Donald Trump has never appeared stable when he’s come on the show.”


“I don’t object to them hammering Donald Trump. Not at all,” “They’re liberal people. They want to hammer him, but to say that he’s ‘not right in the head’……That’s it. No more ‘View’ for me.” 


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  1. The idiocy of that gaggle of geese is beyond comprehension.Why ANYONE would ever give them a second thought is comical. It is hysterical to think these nut jobs are questioning Donald Trumps mental accuity.When will we finally be done with that sorry excuse for a show?

  2. This Joy Behar is not only the most liberal , she is a real bitchy old woman that have a mouth like a very insecure person that say what she wants to cover her ass from looking pathetic. That’s the only way she can keep a job by her dirty foul mouth disposition. Otherwise, she really don’t have anything going for her anymore. She’s beginning to look like an old stinky bag!

  3. Joy and whoopi are typical libs. There is no discussion with them. It’s “my belief or none and we are done”. They talk over you to yell out their belief and if you are not agreeing, they walk off because they don’t want to even hear yours. Irrelevant people.

  4. A bunch of losers.
    Celebrities need to understand we don’t give a crap about their views and if they express them, they are at risk of losing 50% or more of their fan base. This puts them at risk for their show being cancelled for low ratings. So it doesn’t only hurt them, it hurts the network.
    They should learn to ride the fence on some issues but they are just way to stupid!!!!

  5. What these women on the view are showing is they do not not know how to process the talk and actions of a true genius business man like trump, whose record shows that he wreaks with success.

    They identify with the inept and do nothing mentalities so much they cannot process true genius. I suspect they would say the same thing if they had interviewed Hawkin, Einstein, seagan or others who were extremely successful in fields whose politics they dissageeeded with.

    To the view, American voters chose this man, as he cannot be corrupted. Get over it you babies!

  6. I have not watched the view for some time now because of the way they act and the things they say! I will never watch them I believe they should be taken off of tv. No one needs to hear the things that come out of their mouths!!!!!

  7. These BIMBOS think that islam is a religion? lol lol WTF? Talk about stupid people makes me wonder why these dumb ass’s have a show in the first place!
    Lets show the view the same respect they give the president of the United States of America!
    BOYCOTT their race baiting dribble!!!

  8. Good for you Bill, they’re nothing but a bunch of paid hacks. If Trump offered them more money to paint HIM in a different light, they’d jump on it. The too, have sold their souls to the devil….

  9. Why anyone (including myself)still pay any attention on ‘Whoopi-Joy”.They are old-stupid-minded brainwashed waste! Ignore and forget! There are the great deeds ahead. Merry Christmas, people!

  10. PLEASE; Could anyone ‘whoop’ Whoopi Goldberg and the other 4 View Mafia, all the way to CANADA,,,!!??
    How about their promise on escaping to the neighbor nation…. Please, someone just put your ‘boots’ and use them in this wide mouth…. That would be a great step; for, Making American Great, Again…


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