BREAKING: Congress FINALLY Making Move to STOP Obama’s Treasonous Coup Against Trump’s White House


Unlike every other President in modern history, Barack Hussein Obama is not stepping aside for the good of the country to let the new President govern. Quite to the contrary, Obama plans to interfere, and fight the Trump administration every step of the way.  It is despicable. It is Un-American!

Barrack and Michelle Obama moved into this mansion only 2 miles from the White House, and he will lease office space in the headquarters building of the World Wildlife Fund, at 1250 24th St. NW- in the West Enplan section of DC. This is where he will run what some are calling a “shadow government” from this location. This is so sick, you cannot even make this stuff up!

source: Mcfadden Group
source: Co-Star Group

According to the New York Post, Obama is already setting up more than 250 offices across the country, and has already enlisted an “army” of 30,000+ “agitators!” He will command these anti-American troops from his office in the World Wildlife Fund building shown above.


“He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government, to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the incoming administration, and its popular “America First” agenda.”

(source- NYPOST)

His new leftist nonprofit group is called OFA. Get use to that folks, it will soon be as famous as George Soros, and Black Lives Matter. OFA stands for Organizing for Action. How appropriate. The community organizer is going back to organizing albeit on a much larger scale, not to mention more violent and destructive.

The firing and all the controversy surrounding General Flynn, is tied back to what Obama is doing as well. In essence, members of Obama’s intelligence department became “rouge agents,” once President Trump was sworn in, and we all know who was behind it.

***Well now congress is looking into it.  

via Washington Post.

Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), said, “I expect for the FBI to tell me what is going on, and they better have a good answer.”

Representative Nunes is also very concerned about the rouge leaking of the Flynn recordings. He said that there is a very complex process for the monitoring and recording of communications between citizens, and foreign governments. The name of the citizens are not supposed to be released.

According to Nunes there was a “big problem,” because Flynn was a private American citizen, and should never have had his phone calls monitored, or recorded by the government.

(h/t Angry Patriot)

In his news conference yesterday, President Trump made it clear that these leaks will stop once his entire cabinet is in place, and all of Obama’s people are out. We hope that President Trump will find these “leakers” and prosecute them!

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  1. Strip the crook BO of ALL SECURITY CLEARANCES NO MATTER HOW SMALL AND ANYONE CONNECTED TO HIM TOO. IMHO this is one way of cutting off his somewhat tenuous supply of information.

  2. Put Obama in prison,hes committed so many bad things and mark his business as violent.Soros needs to be in prison also.Why are they running free for all the laws they’ve broke,they are a danger to society??? Hillary needs to go to prison too.

  3. This will be a big step for the Trump Administration….most of all because everyone of
    Obama’s people are tied to every TV outlet….from the top down…that’s the reason
    they have been so long say on Obama and treacherous with Trump….this will continue
    because they are still in place and very dangerous and disruptive…Gpd help the President..

  4. Does he really think that the FBI will conduct an honest and thorough investigation of Obama? Comey’s loyalty is not with the truth. The Republicans should see exactly what Obama is doing. 2 miles from the White House; an army of 30,000; 250 offices throughout the U.S.? Why? To overthrow this administration. That in itself is a crime. He’s not organizing a block party. Flynn? That is Obama’s handy work. Investigate, arrest, prosecute and convict. Plain and simple. Check this out……18 U.S. Code § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government

  5. I’m confused. Why is O’bama being allowed to do this? Something is very messed up that he can get away with this! I want something done about it!!

    -barack hussein obummer-

  7. Just like the Democrats – blame the leaks and ignore the information. My only question – and should be yours – is – is the information true? You can’t love the leaks the benefit you and hate the ones that don’t – the very definition of hypocrisy.

  8. We have never had a previous President interfere with a sitting President before, How dare he think his opinion counts anymore, he had his 8 terrible years that we had to put up with, and he had a chance to make this country great again, but he didn’t. So move over Obama, Trump is coming thru, and hopefully he will put you and your co-conspirator Clinton in Prison where you belong. This Country stands behind our new President.

  9. ARREST HIM NOW before he does something that cannot be reversed. He has shown himself to be a murderer, liar, betrayer, stealer, and more. Each time he does something, it is worse than the time previously. If he is not constrained, it could be very dangerous.

  10. Barack Husein Obama is America’s 1st and 2nd biggest mistake. After 8 long years of destroying this country, He ain’t satisfied. he will continue to destroy America to the ground if we don’t stop the SOB!

  11. Obama has always been a domestic Muslim terrorist. His entire agenda, has always been to suppress American Freedoms and Liberties, afforded to Americans citizens, by our Constitution. That’s why OBAMA was constantly using our Constitution as toilet paper. He never had love for America or her people, not respect for our laws or military. Obama’S PURE EVILNESS. HE has committed murder, sold weapons to terrorists, lied, treason, traitor. His entire life has been based on lie, HE created in his books, to gain idiot Americans trust. They fell for it. Seems AMERICAN IQs have decreased during Obama’s reign of terror.

  12. Obama is a FORMER president which makes him no more than a regular citizen.
    He has no tight to create chaos just because his puppet Hillary did not get elected.
    He needs to fade away or this country needs to see that he is subject to whatever legal means available to stop him.
    His time is over and he needs to stop trying to turn this country into a Muslim nation which is his goal and people better wake up before it’s too late

  13. Why is it obamas have not been arrested? They should be prosecuted for treason, terrorism, attempting to over throw the Government, inciting riots, civil Unrest, disorderly conduct. President Trump needs to fire the Director of the FBI right now ! President Trump needs to order an investigation of all employees of the FBI. President Trump & Vice President Spence appoint a special committee to assist the U.S. Attorney General in these investigations. Investigation of Directors of each Security Agency. Any Government employees that are rouge agents shall be prosecuted and get the death penalty!!!

  14. He is worse than Clintons and that’s bad! Very anti American which only shows who was running our country for 8 years! No wonder we are in such a MESS!! In kahoots with the enemy and the devil. All I can say, sir, is you reap what you sow!!’ ️Good luck with that. You are making more and more people hate you!

  15. IF the FBI can be trusted to perform a true & honest investigation (which I have my doubts considering the FBI leaked the info), then the full force of the law should be brought against Obama & Soros. All information against him/them should be made public so his/their supporters can see for themselves what a sneaky, conniving COMMUNIST this joke of a man really is. Is he even a citizen? I doubt it. In addition, ALL former Obama personnel must be removed from government work. None of them can be trusted. There is no bi-partisanship with these people. They are not FOR America. They are sheep being led by an evil shepherd.

  16. if OB interfere with anything about trump admin, then he needs to be brought on charges of interfering with active government, and no holds bar either, that can only be led to treason and should be pushed

  17. Good article – scary stuff. One correction: It’s ROGUE, not ROUGE. Rouge is what women used to put on their cheeks to give them color. I’m sure you mean to say ROGUE.

  18. The author really should take a third grade spelling class.
    It’s ROGUE!
    NOT ROUGE. ROUGE is the red stuff clowns and women put on their cheeks.
    This really makes me doubt that this is authentic!!


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