Judge Jeanine DESTROYS Crooked Hillary! POW! This Will Leave You Cheering!

Image Source: Swamp Drain

After the tragic massacre that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada last Sunday night, American’s are seeking unity while coming together as a nation. (VIDEO BELOW)

But, for one bitter person who won’t go away or stay out of the ‘poor me spot light,’ SHE has sunken to a new low. Seeking to divide, not sympathize, not empathize, but showing just how hollow she really is. Sore loser, Hillary Clinton.

It was blatant during Hillary’s presidential campaign that she hated republicans, the GOP, and everyone who dared to vote against her; hence her dirty democratic tactics using every card possible. (Name calling, sexism, misogyny, xenophobia, race baiting, etc) Now, it’s even more obvious, and she’s fighting tooth and nail to get even. (VIDEO BELOW)

As Hillary continues her “poor me book tour,” where she can’t stop talking about herself, and blaming the world, she’s now using a desperate attempt to be relevant by going after gun owners. The ones she looks down on, even though she herself has strapped security and is well protected.

Bitter Hillary now wants to tell everyone what they should do, but forgets she lost.

Saturday night, Judge Jeanine had enough. She tore into Crooked Hillary’s divisiveness and hypocrisy while ripping her to shreds. (VIDEO BELOW)

In the middle of insane carnage, bloodshed and death, a cold calculating politician decides to make her move. In the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in American history, as parents, friends and families desperately search for loved ones as blood is reflected in Las Vegas’ rising sun, she [Hillary Clinton] decides to manipulate the pain, the anger, and direct it toward lawful gun owners. Judge Jeanine 

Watch the Judge destroy Crooked Hillary: (VIDEO BELOW)



  1. Hillary, Bill, Obama and Soros are the worst kind of cancer this country has every seen. They instigate and support all the evil that is going on in this country. You have to be one of the evilist women to ever live and will burn in hell. Why don’t you go crawl into the cell where you belong and never be heard from again. Should be a national holiday the day that you expire.


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