Michelle Opens Her Big Mouth-IMMEDIATELY Gets Destroyed

Image Source: Swamp Drain

Last week, former First Lady Michelle Obama attended a conference where she was a speaker. During her appearance, she made condescending remarks about women who support and voted for President Trump.

 “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice. To me,  that just says you don’t like your voice. You like the thing you’re told to like.”

Hey Michelle, could it be that unlike you, these women have been proud of their country all their lives? Or, they voted against Crooked Hillary because she was a bad candidate, surrounded with controversy and couldn’t be trusted? (READ MORE BELOW)

How condescending. No we thought for ourselves and voted for America First!

The former First Lady was immediately shut down by many in the media for bashing millions of women. Mike Huckabee was quick to respond and had a genius take on her absurd comment as well.


Here are a few more people:



  1. she just leaves me feeling dirty. I pray that one day she accept Jesus Christ and her horrible sins will be forgiven. Not only that He will change her vile attitude. Until then she is bound for hell.

  2. Mitchell, you were terrible in the white house and worse now. At least you were a little bit civil in office but now your true self comes out. You are arrogant, hateful, vicious, and vindictive. No one cares what you think. We didn’t care when O was in office and we sure as hell don’t care now. Why don’t you just fade into the sunset like those who went before you. You are useless to the American People. Especially the women. You are like a gnat that keeps flying in a persons face and all they want to do is smack you to get you out of the way. Take a hint.

    • Rachel, have you paid much attention to Sarah H. Sanders? She is fantastic. So, I point this out ’cause every chance I get I say that after President Trump wins his second term. Sarah for President!

  3. She is just an Angry Black woman that is what she has called herself many times. Also what else can a DUMBOCRATE SAY??? That is why I have given them the NEW NAME DUMBOCRATES.

  4. What a piece of work you are Michelle. We can all tell what side of the tracks you are from with that surly, nasty attitude. Didn’t your patents ever teach you how to treat people? I am so ashamed of you!

  5. Michelle I thought you might have some worth but i was mistakenyour husband was the most unpersonthat has been President. He is a has been and so are you!!!!!


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