Pres Trump Will Be ASTONISHED When He SEES This GIFT From War Hero!

Image Source: Swamp Drain

There is no denying how much President Trump respects and loves our military’s, and with that being said, many members of the United States military appreciate him just the same. (VIDEO BELOW)

John Garofalo, a 72-year-old decorated war hero served in the nation’s first Navy Seal team for seven years, and was awarded 22 commendations, including 2 purple hearts.

Garofalo has also been a Trump supporter from the day he announced that he was running for President, and knew that he would win. He voted for Trump as a self made businessman, in hopes that President Trump will make it easier for him to succeed.  (VIDEO BELOW)

“He woke something up in me. He’s for the people.”

Garaofalo believes in President Trump so much so that he created a hand cut, four foot, 150 pound glass and bronze Presidential Seal as a gift for President Trump!  (VIDEO BELOW)

Garaofalo wants to thank President Trump for putting our country, people, military and service members first.

“I have hope for him, and I have hope for the country,” Garofalo stated.

He has been making art out of bronze and glass for over 44 years. Some projects that can take months to finish, and it begins with drawing then getting suited up to carve his art.

Garaofalo also gifted two others for President Ronald Reagan and President George H.W. Bush. However, he say’s after 24 years he’s been inspired to make his BEST seal yet for President Trump! Garaofalo noted that the seal is a reminder of how GREAT AMERICA IS. (VIDEO BELOW)

Do you think President Trump should accept this gift and invite Mr. Garofalo to the White House?

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  1. If he sees this, or someone of his staff, he definitely will accept this beautiful gift. I can’t wait till I hear it on the news that the President accepts. Well deserved..


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