(VIDEO) Judge Jeanine DESTROYS Crooked Clintons! POW! This Will Leave You Crying and Cheering!

Fox News Screen shot compilation

On Saturday night’s opening of Justice with Judge Jeanine, the Judge broke out and ripped Bill and Hillary Clinton and their “charity” The Clinton Foundation.  On Christmas Eve Eric Trump was forced to shut down his charity due to potential “conflict of interest”.  Part of the reason he had to do this all the turmoil and controversy around the Clinton Slush Fund aka Clinton Foundation. (Video Below)

There is quite a difference between these two “charities”.   The Clinton Foundation sold favors from the US State Department to personally enrich Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Only 10-15% of Clinton Foundation donations go to the actual charities.  100% of the money received into the Eric Trump Foundation went to charity.  Eric Trump personally paid for the operating expenses himself. One more important difference…. The Eric Trump Foundation donations helped sick and dying children at St. Judes Hospital. (Video Below)

Please watch this and SHARE!  The mainstream media hides this good stuff.  🙂

POW! POW! POWERFUL! Judge Jeanine tells it like it is! If you don’t agree with the JUDGE, get off of our page and go color with some crayons. NO SAFE PLACES HERE!

Eric Trump is really one of the goods guys.  We know his father is extremely proud of him. Thank Eric Trump by SHARING this with everyone you know! The mainstream media will hide this. 

The sleeping giant has awoke, and America is seeing REAL HOPE for our country- for once in eight years, with Donald Trump taking the lead! It’s time for change, and to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Please share this POWERFUL message from Judge Jeanine if you LOVE America and support Mr. Trump. Thank you!





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