WOAH! Ted Cruz just called out Obama BIG TIME! “Political Correctness” cost LIVES of Americans to Terrorist.

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When Texas Senator Ted Cruz spoke with Neil Cavuto on the FOX Business channel today, he revealed some very troubling information about the Obama administration involving radical Islamic terrorism.  This two minute video clip will blow your mind. (Video Below)

In a nutshell, the Obama administration could have stopped the terror attack at Ft. Hood. Because of political correctness and the desire to protect Islam, 14 American’s were massacred.  It also points out the lengths the Obama administration went to to protect Radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.  While they were illegally unmasking Republican and private citizens, the Obama administration altered or deleted over 800 records to remove references to radical Islam or the Muslim Brotherhood.  (Video Below)

How ironic is that?  How completely SICK is that?  Please watch this video and then SHARE with every Patriot you know.   (Video Below)

Posted by Drain The Swamp on Monday, June 5, 2017

Partial transcript:  Ted Cruz speaking:

Listen I believe in a free speech. Here in America we protect free speech but free speech doesn’t mean that we have to put our heads in the sand and ignore threats. So, let me give an example.  An example from my home state of Texas.  We all remember the horrific terror attack that happened at Fort Hood where Nidal Hasan murdered 14 innocent souls.

Now, before that terror attack occurred the federal government, the Obama administration, they knew that Nidal Hasan was in communication with Anwar A l-Awlaki a radical Islamic cleric.  They knew that he had asked Anwar Al-Awlaki about the permissibility of waging jihad against his fellow soldiers and yet the Obama administration did nothing.   And I can only surmise, I’ve asked repeatedly have never gotten a straight answer,  but I can only surmise it was because of political correctness. They wouldn’t act!

In my view if we know a service member that’s talking to a radical Islamic cleric and asking about can he try to murder his fellow service members we ought to show up and stop that terror attack before Nidal Hasan or the next Nidal Hasan walks through murdering innocent

** Are you fed up with all the “entitled” liberals and lying Democrats attacking the President of the United States while they think, themselves, are above the law?

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  1. President Trump has been attacked from all sides and still is. It is like taking on a Army with a water pistol. The Shadow people are working hard to discredit and destroy him. Obama is the big duck in the puddle and will say or do anything to destroy the President. Obama is a thief in the night and has to be uncovered for the corruption, he has perpetrated , which has cost many lives. To be able to live without fear must be our priority. We can not run, hide and tell, like the Londoners are told to do. This is insanity , as if you have to live like that, it is not living but just trying to stay alive. If you do not have Freedom you have nothing. Teddy Roosevelt remarked , “There can be NO divided allegiance in America. Any man or woman , who says he or she is an American but is something else is not an American at all. We have room for but one loyalty and that is to the Constitution and Laws of our land.” Law and order must be restored and these riots and rebelliousness , must stop. These people need to be rounded up taken to jail , have there names , put on a watch list. They must be punished and fined heavily . If they are under age they should have to do Community Service but if left alone they will be like a kid stealing from the Candy Jar, if no consequences are given, they will go right back at it. Yes, we are all fed up with the lawlessness that was left to spread like Cancer in our youth and there having no respect for anyone. They wear masks to hide there faces, so this alone tells you they are up to no good. Obama left a MESS for President Trump to clean up and the swamp is a never ending bunch of slimy good for nothings, swamp critters. If you love your Country wake up to the truth to what is happening. To Sin by Silence when we should Protest makes Cowards of us all.


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